“M” is for Mom, showing off a new handknit too!

Stripes on the go, completed.  -AND- M is for Mom.

“M” is for Mom. I’ll probably never put up a picture of my Mom on here. But, I like this one and I completed these socks for my Mom while visiting her this past week. My Mom is my favorite person to knit for besides myself of course (evil, right? but I adore handknit socks). And I have a lot of fun with her. In the really fun times together, we giggle and giggle together. And she’s always ready with a smile. Of course, she’s there for me. So, “M” is for Mom. -By the way, her birthday (was Monday) gift was an iPod! I got her an iPod Nano but forgot to take any pictures of it before I came home. She’s enjoying it though, yay!

The socks that my Mom is wearing are the Stripes On The Go socks from summer (I think).

Stripes on the go, up close.

I tried to Photoshop them a bit to adjust the light but it didn’t seem to help much. Sorry about that. One more recent shot up close, though a bit blurred from knitting.

2008 - Nov 21 - self-portrait

The sock yarn is Trekking XXL, which I adore. One of my own pairs that I wear hard are from Trekking. I knit these on two circulars, Addi’s US#2, cuff down. And I thought they were going to be for me at first but I knit the first one a bit short. Then, when my Mom said she liked them after seeing them on Flickr (in a way better picture than the ones I’ve posted, sorry about that), I decided that she should have them!

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow! It’s my favorite holiday, by the way. F-a-v-o-r-i-t-e! See you tomorrow, full and happy.

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