Yum, Socks That Rock. This is the second sock that I started today. I want to knit something different, something new but I don’t know what. I was making great progress on my Central Park Hoodie but haven’t picked it up since probably Wednesday. I need to rip out something like 40 rows. Yeah, I got a little carried away and went too far on my right front. Anyway, these will hopefully be knee highs with contrasting toes and heels. I say ‘hopefully’ because I don’t know how far the yarn will take me but I’m doing them toe up so that I can use every bit.

In other news, I’ve been really busy getting ready for something next week and that’s why I’ve almost forgotten about posting the last two days. Tomorow I’ll do better. So, yeah, I’m almost ten minutes past midnight but I still feel good about posting something.

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One Response to startitis

  1. lapoli says:

    Oh, that’s a gorgeous colorway!

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