I found my way back.

So yeah, I seemed to have gotten lost on that last plan to be back ‘tomorrow.’ Things may be a little out of context as I share a few photos that are older.

Lovely knits & quilts.

These were a few of the pretty textiles I saw at the state fair last month. I’m always a little surprised when I see popular patterns from magazines like Interweave Knits entered into the fair. That’s why I took a shot of the first cardigan, who’s name escapes me at the moment. Pretty textiles.

And my weakness, lovely little flowers.

Beautiful orange flowers.

So … I got Matilda M back from repair, my MacBook. I was just in time for my warranty coverage, which was a great thing because the repairs were apparently almost equal to what I paid for her brand new (last year). They entirely replaced the bottom casing and part of the top (I think only part of the top). And the heat sink, if that’s the right term. Anyway, lots of work and when I got her back everything was still in tact without my needing to restore from backup. That lasted for a few days only, thanks to iTunes 8.0. I try to steer clear of updates but I like to buy things on iTunes. So, I had to do that update to iTunes 8.0 so that I could purchase a TV show I wanted (the “Greenzo” episode of “30 Rock” by the way) and then there were many problems with no resolution. No resolution, but for me to install my restore disks and then load everything off my backup hard drive. I’m just now, over the last few days, getting things back in order so I know what’s what. Maybe more computer information than you wanted, but that’s the biggest part of what I’ve been up to.

The other stuff is sad, personal stuff for now. Family and kitty stuff that is alright for now.

No new knitting to show but more pretty stuff to look at next time.

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