Pink Leaves

2008 - Aug 19 - self-portrait

Pink Koigu Embossed Leaves. These are the first completed work in progress I did for the Ravelympics (wishing now I’d actually taken notes on the date completed but I think it was the day I took the photo). The Koigu striped differently than I would have expected but I really kind of like it now. I think they are interesting. And originally they were for me, but I realized I should have completed another repeat for myself. So, I think they are going to my friend E.

One more shot, close up.

Pink Koigu Embossed Leaves

So, unfortunately that is it for now. Since I’ve been without fast enough internet for days now I didn’t think through how much I needed to do while at the coffee shop. Now I only have a few minutes and I need to get better shots of the other two completed items from the WIPs Wrestling. I will update those in the next couple of days.

Hope you had a good weekend!

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3 Responses to Pink Leaves

  1. melissa lion says:

    So pretty! I finished my third pattern repeat yesterday. 8 rows more and then then heel. Was going to do a short row heel, but the socks are sort of tight, so will stick with the original pattern.
    Thanks for being that added push to knit these puppies.
    Good stuff!

  2. Angel says:

    They are so gorgeous and bright- I love the color. I think I will finally have to bite the bullet and finally try that pattern -it looks so great!

  3. katie m. says:

    Pretty! I love the color with the pattern. I’ve been wanting to knit a pair myself … this might just be all the convincing I need to get started soon.

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