stripes on the go

my current carry-along project …

Trekking Crazy Browns on the needles.

I cast these on awhile back – disbelief that I guess I didn’t mark it down anywhere! I think I cast these on the beginning of June, not sure though. Anyway, I knit on these here and there, no hurry. They are just my simple knitting to carry in my purse. Here’s a close up of the heel …

Trekking heel close up.

I love the heel. I adore how the brown started at exactly the point where the heel began, separate from the heel flap. *swoon*

And the heel is a little different here and there on the turning. I couldn’t remember that I’d decided to go with a k2tog through the back loop so some are like that and some are just k2tog (which I’ve always done). After seeing the turned heel on the Pomatomus in progress, I decided I liked the k2tog through the back loop. It’s much neater, I think.

I have two finished items for later plus some fibery goodness. For now though, I think this is it.

Happy summer weekend!

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2 Responses to stripes on the go

  1. danielle says:

    i LOVE the yarn– the colors are all my favorites… they look great!

  2. Angel says:

    What yarn are you using? The stripes are fantastic.
    Right now I am bored with my carry along-sock. Need to remedy that…

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