Knitting is everywhere.

I discovered this video on National Geographic’s World Music while up late (as usual) last Friday. While I did enjoy the music, the knitting is what kept my eyes *glued* to the screen the whole time. Though there are many metaphors for the relationship she’s having with the yarn/knitting/sweater throughout the video – I know I’ve felt like that about knitting itself. You know, the throwing it down in frustration at times! I wonder if she knits?

*The artist is Camille and the song is “Ta douleur”.

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One Response to Knitting is everywhere.

  1. susannahbean says:

    I’ve totally felt that way too, except all I could think when watching that was “I hope she knows how much work someone put into knitting that up!” and “If I lost a few pounds I could totally rock a bulky knit tube dress”! Great find!

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