Black Sheep Gathering part 2 … finally!

soooo, what did I buy? A few fun things I promise.

First, I always go straight to the Blue Moon Fiber Arts booth. Their colors are my favorite and yarn stash is about the only new yarn I’ve added to my stash for some time now.

socks that rock, more.

Yum, in front is Socks That Rock in Pride. This skein is a mill ends skein. Beind it is a STR in Turquoise. I’m not usually drawn to this kind of blue (or really any kind of blue) just because I like it but this is so amazing!

socks that rock close.

Both of these are also STR. In front is Mossay. I lovelovelove this green! This is definitely one that I’m keeping for me. Behind that is Rolling Stone, so pretty. -And altogether …

Socks That Rocks stash from Black Sheep Gathering 2008.

Oh, they are all lightweight (I think, they aren’t in front of me at the moment) except for the Pride.

And, my other purchases!

My surprise purchase.

A drop spindle! It’s a Schacht. I decided to go with a basic spindle for now. Unfortunately I haven’t practiced much lately. I need to pull it out for a bit tonight or tomorrow. I’ll never get better at it if I don’t practice! I bought this from Carolina Homespun and Morgaine was very helpful. And Marnie too, as I’d asked for any advice she might have on choosing something for a beginner.

And to go with my new drop spindle …

along with my surprise drop spindle.

Embarrassingly, I don’t know what it is … as in BFL or what. But it’s very pretty, right?!

So there you have it – oh! I almost forgot, I also bought some beads. I don’t even have a picture of them since I’d forgotten they came from the Black Sheep Gathering! I’ll get a picture of what I’ve done with them and put it up too.

So that’s it for now. Happy day.

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2 Responses to Black Sheep Gathering part 2 … finally!

  1. TheBon says:

    It’s ashland bay, and I think it’s the colonial top [which means it’s corriedale if I recall correctly.]

  2. susannahbean says:

    Oh man I love that green! I just got a drop spindle too, but I don’t know anyone who spins, so I’ve been trying to figure it out from youtube videos and written instructions and I can’t get the hang of it! Good luck!

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