random Wednesday

1.  A few weeks ago at Borders, there was a display up containing various selections for summer reading.  Guess what one item was?

Suggested Summer Reading at Borders

Yep, the Yarn Harlot of course! I think I’ve actually read all of this one through – I’m bad about not reading books all the way through (no matter how enjoyable).

2. For my design class, there are a lot of little shapes to cut out. Just how difficult they are to cut is mostly my fault since I’m apparently drawn to very intricate shapes with many curls and wings. So, I went in search of good scissors that will never touch anything but paper! This is what I found …

favorite new tool for design.

They are definitely sharp and they make tight turns pretty easily.

3. It’s so hot and I don’t like hot. I dream of living somewhere breezy out in the country, in a yurt with my kitties and maybe a dog or two – just out in the quiet by ourselves.

4. This week marks the halfway point for my design class for the summer. Yay! And I’ve only missed one class, which is sadly but truly remarkable for me. Though I have been late for every class, *sigh*.

5. It’s hard to suck it up and apologize to a friend. I finally reached out to a friend that I’ve thought about for the last year and been too proud to say anything to.

6. My Blackberry’s battery is dying. I don’t mean like I just need to plug it in to charge it, I mean like it just shuts itself off randomly when it’s still showing a full charge (or large charge anyway). Then when I plug it back in, it still shows enough juice that it should be running. It seems to do it mostly during phone calls which sucks because I don’t even make many phone calls so to have that happen when I do is a pain – to say the least.

7. I made this yummy salad going around flickr knitters. Very good! More about that later.

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