spreading it out, in a good way

I’ve been busily updating things while I’m here at the coffee shop.  Anyway, it’s come to my attention that I’ve got a few finished items that I haven’t shown here along with not showing the few goodies that I got at the Black Sheep Gathering.  So, I’m going to spread it out over 2 or 3 posts, yay.

cotton hat in action.

This is a spring/summer hat that I knit for my guy using Mission Falls Cotton. I had very very little left, I would guess not even one yard but now I know I can get a hat for him from one skein of Mission Falls right? The hat is soft and he’s happy with it and even got some use out of it since it was cold until the middle of June here. -I used US #7 Addi’s and one of the decreasing methods from Stephanie‘s Knitting Rules. I always turn to the same method – it’s easy but I can’t ever remember it so I always have to look it up!

And part of/kind of a hint of what I got at the Black Sheep Gathering this year.

2008 - Jun 25

I love this picture of my lovely little Chumonster. She looks entirely disgusted with the sight of more yarn. Although it is impeding on her favorite side of the bench to lie on, you know, she’s a creature of habit.

And last, hope everyone had a wonderful or fun 4th of July! This is what mine looked like …

070408 pad

..fairly relaxing. We listened to the Blues Festival mostly and did a little housework. Although the most excitement was from Chuy disappearing for over 24 hours. It scared us both, especially because she never goes anywhere. She just lies in the same few places outside but we think the fireworks scared her (since they started even the week before the actually day) and she went and hid somewhere to sleep. When I first spotted her again, she was just stretching and shaking herself out because she was covered in all kinds of brush. But, she acted like it was any other day of waking up! Crazy kitties.

Well, I have much more to show in the next few posts so see you then!

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