soon to be weekend

The weekend is coming fast! I have never been to my local knitting group – since it regrouped – but I’m thinking about going this weekend. I plan on checking Ravelry to see if the group is having a knit in public event.

As I’m showing what I’ve been up to knitting-wise bit by bit, here is another pair of socks on the needles. I may have shown them before, but they have been on the sidelines until this past week. I picked them back up and am now past a short row heel. By the way, I’m still so bad at short row heels. But, I keep trying them. I figure that’s the only way they’ll get better, from practice.

Mom's toe socks in progress.

These are for my Mom and will be toe socks. For now, I’m still planning on just trying to figure it out myself as far as the numbers go. But, I may lazy out and just buy a book that has a pair in it. I’d rather try to figure it out on my own first though! The yarn is unbelievably soft so it’s really nice to knit but I hope it holds up well. It seems like I’ve heard good things about it – Mountain Colors Bearfoot yarn.

We had spaghetti for dinner tonight, it was so good. We were both craving it since it had been awhile. I didn’t think about a picture until part way through dinner so no pictures!

And now … 8 days to Black Sheep Gathering and Black Sheep Bingo fun! Happy weekend!

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