a little list

1. today’s been stressful. No matter how old you get, women, girls, are just not nice. I’ve had few close friends in my life that are female and the ones that are, usually are for a long time. Unfortunately, I don’t know if I mentioned it or not, but two of my best girlfriends moved out of state over the last six months. While, we are of course staying in touch, it isn’t the same as having them here.

2. sometimes it is as though I was dropped on my head the way things fly out of it, lately that is. I know how to read a pattern, it was something I learned as I was learning to cast on and knit (which by the way, I found casting on and forming a slip knot much harder than the actual knitting considering I taught myself rather than turning to anyone for help). But, suddenly I don’t. So, I was very pleased to tell you that I finally figured out how to knit Pomatomus after two failed attempts – due to not reading the pattern, just diving into it. It turned out in both failed attempts, I failed because I didn’t read the part about starting on the 2nd row. Simple, indeed. Now, I cannot remember what the ‘*’ means in the order of things. So, I made it to the point of completing the first repeat but I think I messed up when beginning the second repeat. I need to look closely at some completed socks, probably on Ravelry, but I am fairly certain I’ll have to rip back and start this repeat over. Regardless, the yarn is lovely. I love it’s wild, unmatching pooling. Candy Poms - bright side The Christmas like red and green is my favorite part of it! The yarn is Socks That Rock Silkie in Foofaraw, but I don’t see that colorway on the website now. Silkie is so soft, so soft.

3. it’s very cold today, considering that it’s out of context. Why is that? In the ‘winter’ if it’s in the 40’s, it’s not too bad. If it’s in the 40’s now, it’s freaking freezing cold. So hard to imagine that people are having summer even when my Mom tells me about 90+ heat.

4. I love these.2008 - May 18 - recent fave thrift find They are my favorite thrift find as of late. I wear them almost all the time, the only thing that stops me is the rain.

5. I have more knitting, but for now I’m done. It’s been a l-o-n-g day. Night’

*I’m too lazy to fix the pictures right now, sorry. Click and they will take you to Flickr and they will look as they should.

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  1. Angel says:

    I love the crazy colors of the sock, and I commend you for trying out a tricky pattern. I don’t knit socks that have anything other then a simple pattern because socks are supposed to be my super-easy knitting…

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