let’s try this

pretty little flowers from my outing at the park
sweet pink laced petals - macro.may9

*yay, it worked. I was trying out linking the photo back to Flickr. I couldn’t find anything on Typepad or Flickr about how to do this so I was studying the source code from another blog. V.cool.

I’ll blog a real post later today. I’m also going to do a bunch of upgrades – yuck, I usually try to avoid them. But, I brushed aside a note earlier in the week about QuickTime not working with the iTunes upgrade that I did (because I was trying to fix a sound problem on my Macbook) but thought ‘oh, it won’t effect me’ and now it has. I bought a new video on iTunes and found that I can’t watch it or any of my videos now although it shows the time passing as though it is playing. I want to see my 80’s video, I’ve been all nostalgic with music lately!

So, yeah, more later today.

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One Response to let’s try this

  1. Jaime says:

    pretty. test.

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