Friday thoughts

1. I hate looking at bills and budgets, like most people I’m sure. Except that sometimes when I’m so sick of it, I just start paying things anyway and let it all fall where it may.
2. I do not adapt well to change at all and I have no intention of improving that part of me. That said, my weekend has been ruined (unless something amazing happens Sunday) because of changes someone else made.
3. I have been knitting like mad on my Mom’s Embossed Leaves socks even though I realized they won’t make it her way by Sunday. (No pictures because I’m out blogging from my Blackberry). I really like this pattern, I think I’ve mentioned that repeatedly though.
4. I could eat noodley (great word!) and/or Asian food (any kind, I love all of it though lately I’m favoring Vietnamese & Thai) everyday. Unfortunately by the time I usually get out running around, they are in that weird in-between time of being closed, between lunch and dinner.
5. There is a student art show that I want to enter some photographs into but I’m not sure I will be able to. But, I just realized I’m in the perfect place to take some photographs to test. I’ve been much more eager since having one of my photos make into print and getting paid for it.

Well, I know this post was a bit odd but I’m scattered right now. I have pictures for later when I get home.

I hope everyone is having a beautiful weekend!

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2 Responses to Friday thoughts

  1. danielle says:

    #’s 1, 2 and 4 could’ve been written by me… except that my problem isn’t the restaurants being closed, it’s that no one i know is willing to eat asian food as often as me and i’m not motivated enough to go out by myself.
    hope your weekend gets better!

  2. Deb says:

    1). I have auto deposit and auto bill pay on many things. EC does the rest. That helps. However, I never know when I get paid. All I know, all seem happy…electric company, mortage company, etc…
    2). Being seriously ADD, I too hate change. Avoid it at all cost….unless it is something I really want to change.
    3). Cool about your Mom’s socks. I bet she will love them!
    4). I love Chinese and most Japanese foos I have tried. Love many ofthe noodle dishes, try to avoid the rices ( they love me too much – never go away), but could live forever on any dish with extra veggies ! Don’t think I have tried Vietnamese & Thai, but I’m sure I would like it too !
    5). Hope you entered the photo show, your pics are totally fantastic!!!

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