didn’t forget

no, I didn’t forget about posting more stuff but today was much busier than I anticipated (considering I didn’t have class) so I didn’t get new pictures.  tomorrow I am going to campus just to do some schoolwork while my guy has classes, but there is tons of good light there!  so, I think I may even take a break and blog from there.  just a break.  just a break.  that’s a reminder for me actually, because most of my classes are online and I don’t want to get distracted.  you know, there are so many things to distract you once you are online!

ok, so that’s it for tonight.  I had a picture that I’ve tried and tried and tried and tried to upload for the last half hour and Typepad thinks not.  I’ve been thinking about moving to WordPress but obviously I’m a glutton for punishment and lazy so I don’t know.  see you tomorrow.

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