Colonel was one of the most awesome kitties I’ve been lucky to spend time with. He talked like crazy and was so affectionate. He was an outdoor cat that lived in my mom’s backyard and those of the neighbors. Though he wouldn’t be seen sometimes for long periods of time by my mom, he knew when I was there and would drop in to say ‘hello.’ This last visit, in December, may have been the only time that I didn’t see him. I learned later that he was very sick when I was there and he died not long after. Luckily, my mom had snapped several pictures of him (to send me) when she last saw him in October or November.


About 12 years ago, Colonel and his sister’s owners moved from what is now my mom’s home. When they left, they heartlessly abandoned the very young kittens. Just left them, out in the country. One of the neighbors began feeding and tending to their veterinary needs, but Colonel favored outdoors most – where he was definitely the alpha cat of the country. He was a resilient, sweet, loving cat who made the most of his lives, I’m sure. He was my kitty when away from my girls here at home. And I miss him already. It makes me tearful to even type his story but I wanted to share this sweet little being with you.

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