“C” is for . . .


cats! My babies, more specifically. Cats are so beautiful, graceful and intelligent. And their independence is both a blessing and on occasion, trying. I adore cats. I stop to talk to cats I see when I’m out and about. And I stop to take pictures of cats that I see. Near my school’s parking lot, people’s backyards face the lot and it is only separated by a deep ditch and their fences. There are two cats that I’ve seen several times this term, always sitting in the same places, same positions (except that the large orange one turns to look at me when I slow my car down to look at them, too funny). I’m desperate to get their pictures. But, with their being rain for the last few weeks, I hadn’t seen them out until yesterday. It was one of those things where I wasn’t prepared to take pictures and by the time I was, there was all kinds of traffic in the parking lot. I’ll be more prepared next week.

. . . and charcoal.


I need work on some of my basics, but I’m gaining a larger appreciation for charcoal lately. It’s much more forgiving than I’d thought in the past, maybe even a little more than graphite. For the project pictured, I am particularly enjoying working with the charcoal on texture. And it’s always fun working with something that allows for using your hands as tools! There is much more to the actual drawing, I’m just not ready to share it yet.

As for current knitting, I’ve only been working on two projects lately. A pair of socks that are a late Christmas present and a second Dashing. The Dashing set should be done tomorrow or Monday.

I’m part of three -alongs and the only one I’ve kept up with to any degree (so far, it will get better, it will) is the ABC-along. As for the Sock A Month knitalong, well, I didn’t finish any pair of socks last month. I barely knit last month and socks felt so finicky for some reason. It’s very reasonable that I can finish one pair of socks this month. And then I’m also part of the Book Challenge on Ravelry. I challenged myself to read one book a month, because I barely read anything that isn’t knitting related, news or tech related anymore. I read half of my book, No One Belongs Here More Than You by Miranda July but I’m still reading here and there. The saddest part of my not finishing the book within the month is that most of what I’ve read was completed in two days as I rushed to try and meet my deadline!

I’ll put up some pictures of the current knitting tomorrow. I have to get outside to try and work on that drawing and get some pictures for my etsy shop. See you then.

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