my lovely, lovely Clapotis


I adore my Clapotis.  I knit her, very definitely a ‘her’, from Noro Silk Garden #84 and I think I mentioned my love of this color before.  There are several patterns out there that gain popularity quickly and when I see them, it isn’t that I don’t like them but often think they don’t fit me.  That is until I see it a certain way maybe with some modifications or a certain shade or on a real person rather than a model.  This was one that I needed to see several times before I knew I had to have one.  This is the Clapotis that convinced me.  I am just so happy with this knit!  And yay for finally getting some finished pictures up.  I finished this just after Thanksgiving and actually wore it awhile without all the ends woven in because I couldn’t wait.  And a knitter in the Dallas airport actually started talking to me in line about it and showed me what she was knitting from Knitting Daily.  It’s funny, knitting is one of those few things that prompts me to talk to strangers, too.  Kind of a happy thing when you think about it all.   


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3 Responses to my lovely, lovely Clapotis

  1. danielle says:

    it’s beautiful! i love that colorway– and i have a faux-clapotis (it’s not knit on the bias…) in silk garden that i love, too– there’s a certain earthiness to that yarn that is so wonderful.

  2. korin says:

    Really really gorgeous!

  3. Sarah says:

    Darn, now you have me thinking about knitting a Clapotis again! I have been debating for a long time, then put it out of my mind. But it is so pretty and useful. I would probably wear it all the time, in 3 seasons.

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