B is for Blackberry!


I have a love/hate relationship with my Blackberry but it is the best pda/smartphone/whathaveyou experience I have had so far. I’m a bit hard on them, I suppose. I expect them to move quickly, jump actually and you know just like regular computers, they don’t. But, I have never had this crash and the browser is very much like being online on my Macbook. And I play games on it and check news, email and weather on it constantly! Not too mention, most of my blogreading (on Bloglines, another important ‘B’ for me!) and Flickr’ing happens on it, with the exception of a few blogs that I know by heart don’t work well on it – AND I finally found the right combination of settings so I can get into Ravelry on my BB. So, there you have it! Geeky fulfillment.

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