meme I liked

I took this from Michelle.  I thought it looked like fun and saved it for some time, like now!

1. Childhood ambition?

To be a model, really. 

2. Best/worst weather (choose one)?

Best is 55-65 degrees, no wind, mild (if any) sun.  Worst is 75 degrees and up and lots of sun.

3. Favorite food?

This changes with mood.  Most often my favorite is steak, medium rare with almost any variety of side dishes.  Also, any type of noodles – spaghetti, asian noodles, fideo, cold noodle salads, pasta period (it goes against my finally diagnosed gluten problem).

4. Current book?

No One Belongs Here More Than You by Miranda July

5. Guilty pleasure?

Deer Hunter on my Blackberry (though I’m not into real life hunting)

6. One quirk?

I say phrases that would come out of the middle of a conversation to break the silence and make up words – but only with DB and he still loves me, hee.

7. Something you’ve never done that most people have:

Watched "American Idol" or "The Office" and I never will.

8. Favorite drink:

Iced tea, sweet and year round.

9. Oddest job you’ve had:

I haven’t really had that many jobs, I have to think . . . odd in that it called for traits that I don’t really possess would be Telemarketer.  It was my first job and aside from being obnoxious calling people that would call you if they wanted your services, I’m not a conversationalist or good at banter.

10. Last song you listened to (on purpose, not on the radio):

"Lifetime" by Mary Gauthier

11. Cities/towns/villages you’ve lived in, in chronological order:

Too much for me, though it’s interesting to see people’s moving habits.

12. Teenage ambition?

To be on my own and move far, far, far away.  So, they both happened.  :p

13. Movie you’d most like to be a character in:

"Along Came Polly" and I would want to be Polly.

If anyone else does this, I’d like to see.  Now I’m going to try and get some knitting pictures to put up here.  It’s my weekend, sort of, because actually I’m going to work in art studios tomorrow for both my classes.  But, anyway, I get to decide what time so no getting up at 6:30am for me.  More later. 

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