A is for Art & Art Supplies


My first picture of the ABC-along (as scheduled, I’m late, you know). A is for Art & Art Supplies. I’m taking two art classes this term so I’m totally consumed by art this term. I cannot believe that with these (and I know some people would think, it’s just t-w-o classes) classes, there is so much to be done! It boggles my mind, but anyway that is why I’m beind right now. The pictures are: a puddle of acrylic paint being mixed – and may I just say, purple is my adversary. Next is a still life in my drawing class. I focused on the rope, that’s why the tools are slightly cut off in the photo. Then there are color swatches for a design exercise. As you can see, I’m having problems with purple and his family! Last, just a random shot of my drawing supplies. I wanted to add one of my design supplies, they are a bit more exciting but I didn’t have good light or time to lay them out when I was doing this.

Yay, A is done and I already have ideas for B so I will get one picture done for that by this weekend.

By the way, I have not forgotten more knitting updates but again with the ‘no light’ problem. Maybe tomorrow I will take some knitting to school with me tomorrow for pictures.

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