good intentions

Well, it’s 19 days into the new year and I’m just now blogging. While I’ve never been the most regular blogger, I actually put “blog more regularly” (meaning at least once a week) on my resolutions list. By the way, I don’t usually do resolutions either, I just have hopes for the new year but this year there was a list. The resolutions that included set times, like being accomplished on certain days have only been here and there lately except for the picture a day and self-portrait a day. I think I may have only missed one of each which is really good for me. I have the pictures posted on my Flickr account like before, but the self-portraits are missing a few. That is because although I did make it a new year’s resolution to do the self-portrait (of myself and DB), in the beginning it was only for my own benefit. But then I found this group and uploaded the least frightening ones of myself to try and catch up. So, I do have all but one day but I’m not going to share some of those.

There are some finished knits from the end of last year that I haven’t shared. Yay. First, this hat is so warm.


The pattern is the Big Rasta Like Funky Hat which I found on Ravelry. It’s knit from two strands of Cascade 220, one is black and the other is a tweedy charcoal (can’t find the label right now). I am really happy with the way the colors worked together, they remind me of velvet. It’s a very cozy and warm hat, but I may weave in some elastic to the brim. It’s just a bit heavy and falls sometimes, but that’s actually my fault not the pattern. I added a few stitches to the hat because of my gargantuan head *hee* but it actually didn’t need it. I’m so jaded by almost all hats being too little for me that I didn’t stop to consider the ribbing and the large gauge might work out without any tweaking on my part. One other change, I just remembered – I knit it in the round because I don’t like sewing seams. The pattern is great, very cute and I’d like to make a few more of these.
A last minute Christmas gift for DB.


They are the wristwarmers from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, knit from Cascade Pastaza. Yum, the llama and wool mix is so soft!
And I started a new scarf for myself.


Wavy Gravy, from Debbie Stoller’s Stitch N’ Bitch, in Noro Silk Garden #84. I have overlooked this pattern for years and was never drawn to it until I saw someone in a local coffeeshop wearing one that was in a smallish gauge, similar to what I’m knitting. That one was also done in a yarn that looked to be Noro, so pretty. You know, if I could I would drape myself in different handknits made from this Silk Garden colorway everday!

So, there are two more knitting things that I will catch up later today plus other things. But, this post has taken since yesterday because of several failed attempts to upload pictures onto Typepad so I need a break.

Many things on my ‘to do list’ this weekend and this day is already half over!

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