Christmas Eve


1. Our holidays are low key here. There was little decorating but I adore the few things we put out. This snowman is so cute! And though I’d seen the oranges with cloves before, I can’t remember where I saw them recently that triggered the sudden interest. The oranges smell so heavenly! Every once in awhile I pick one up and squeeze it just a little to ‘refresh’ the fragrance. I skipped hanging them this year, but next year I want to hang a bunch of them all around.


The best part of the holiday is our cozy time together and we are enjoying that.
2. I am finishing a last minute knitted gift for DB. They are the hand/wristwarmers pattern from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I’m knitting them from Cascade Pastaza in Olive. I wanted something luxurious for DB and thought the llama/wool combination was great from a previous knit.


3. I finished a hat for myself a few days ago. It was a very fast knit on US# 11’s. The yarn is two strands of Cascade 220 held together. The pattern is the Big Rasta Like Funky Hat from Treats & Treasures of a Journalkeeper. The hat is so warm and comfortable.


4. I have some knitting goals in the next week. I have many projects on the go, but there are some specific ones that I’d like to see done by 2008. Those projects are the Dashing mitts, the Hourglass Sweater and the weaving in of ends and pulling of dropped stitches on my Clapotis. I also need to get back to my other Christmas knitting, though I knew it would be late. That includes two pairs of socks plus a new pair that I started for my Mom while I was visiting her a few weeks ago.

If you are celebrating, I hope you’re having a lovely Christmas Eve and holiday time.

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