It’s hard to draw a line between realizing your right to independent ways of dealing with things and just moving on through stressful things.  Sometimes what I know is right for me is painfully close to self-will.  Or is it?  That’s a tough one.  As much as I wonder what I want to say about my personal life sometimes here, I am a million times more personal in real life about wanting people to stay out of my business.  I find it especially frustrating dealing with people that are looking for excitement and seek it in situations that don’t involve them (whether or not there is anything to involve themselves in) and whether it’s family or friends.  And actually, when it comes to friends – mine don’t do that because I stay away from that.  Unfortunately, maintaining family relationships simply from believing it’s ultimately the right thing to do raises questions when it creates an amount of stress that threatens my ability to do what is best to keep me healthy.  And that’s where I’m at tonight with someone looking for excitement for themselves by creating a situation between myself and another – where there is no situation.
But tomorrow.  Tomorrow I will be back here . . .2110218786_15f3f7b3a3_5

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