knitting: accomplished

. . . some knitting, anyway. After adding every work-in-progress (every one that I can find anyway) to my Ravelry projects this weekend, I was astonished that there are so many on the needles. I thought that I had my blog sidebar fairly up to date. Scary.

Since I last blogged I finished a few pairs of socks and my Clapotis. It seems like I’m forgetting something, but what? Anyway, here we go:


I love, love, love these anklets! This was the first HelloYarn yarn that I’ve used, but I will definitely be buying more. Adrian dyes the most beautiful yarn. This color is Foolish and I knit these on US #1 dpns. Here’s one more shot so you can see the wonderful pumpkin color at the tips of the toes.


I think these may be my new favorites, so pretty and so comfortable.

Last Saturday was my mom’s birthday and I finished her Mother’s Day socks just in time. But lovely socks and she was very pleased with them.


These are Socks That Rock Lightweight in Rooster Rock. I knit them on 2 circular needles US #1. These socks are so soft and the earthy colors are so pretty. I have a little bit left that I made a small holder out of, 2×2 ribbing meant for my laptop broadband card but DB is using it for his flashdrive. I want to knit another type of small bag from what’s left, actually of both pairs of socks. Back to the STR anklets, here is a close up of the cute picot edging.


As I mentioned, there are so many things on the needles right now. I am trying to not continue casting on more unless it’s for Christmas, though I might allow myself a shrug or cardigan if I find the right one. I’ve been keeping an eye open for something. But, here is a new sock:


These are for DB’s mom. The first one has been done for some time, but I just started its’ partner the week before Thanksgiving. The yarn is Knit Picks Memories in Red Hat. I see now why people talk about switching yarns every few rows because the second one isn’t striping like the first at all. I hope that’s okay. Personally, I like funky like that so I hope she does too. DB doesn’t think it’s all that noticeable.

I also completed my beautiful Clapotis but I have no pictures yet. I need to finish pulling out all of the dropped stitches and weave in the ends. But, I may wait for a photo until after blocking also. I’m very happy with my Clapotis and have been wearing it as is, here at home. DB has done the most pulling of the dropped stitches and yesterday as he was doing that he said, “why would anyone knit something like this?” It is after all Noro Silk Garden so the stitches weld to each other. Anyway, before I could answer, he answered his own question that it was going to be really nice once you could see the dropped stitches. Sweet. Helpful, too.

In other news, for Thanksgiving we went out to eat. Next year, I hope I can cook for us again. I really love Thanksgiving, it’s my favorite holiday to celebrate but we didn’t plan too well this year. The nice thing about going out is no cleaning up but the down side is no leftovers! Hmm. . .

I baked something recently too, which is totally out of character for me!


Yum, Chocolate Chip Muffins with a few changes. I used butter rather than oil and more chocolate chips than called for in the recipe. I’m still planning on Pumpkin Choco Chip Muffins too and roasted pumpkin seeds. I have 2 large pumpkins and several small ones that are still in good shape but I need to get on the ball and use them.

Well, I think this is it for now. Hopefully I’ll have more finished knits to show soon! I think I will.

Happy Knitting!

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2 Responses to knitting: accomplished

  1. danielle says:

    ooooh, i like that hello yarn– i love the parts where the red/orange alternated rows, so cool! the red hat socks are coming out great, and i’m also a fan of fraternal twin socks. your picot edging is making me want to abandon my christmas knitting and start my girlie sock project!!!

  2. Nancy says:

    My mom made her Clapotis out of Silk Garden and it’s beautiful — I’m sure yours is too! That red is one of my favorite colorways of theirs. Of course, I’ve got a little Noro fetish.
    I’m jealous of all your socks! One of these days I’ll get good at those and be able to carry them around. Don’t know what the block is, but I just don’t churn them out like you and half the world seem to!
    I just saw your comment on my blog, but yours and a couple of others didn’t get delivered to my inbox – sorry for the delay answering.
    I’ll be up your way over Christmas, but we’re going straight from PDX to Redmond for my in-laws gathering there. I do hope to escape to Sisters to look at fabric and yarn at Stitchin Post.

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