i just don’t feel like it

anything, that is.


There has actually been more knitting going on than usual. But, as far as Socktober went, nothing completed but lonely socks waiting for their partners. I’ve been working on socks but really I’ve been craving knits on larger needles so the socks are on the backburner. That’s except for two pairs that I’d like to see completed soon so they can be gifted. Of those, one pair is only half of a sock away from being finished and the other pair needs the second sock to be cast on. Also, I’m still working on my Clapotis and I’m one repeat away from beginning the decreases. It’s so warm as I knit on it, I can’t wait to wear it! I’ve also been wanting a hat so bad! I think it’s just because when I’m cold I think I’d wear one then (and can only find my chullo since the move) but maybe I wouldn’t. Hat head, you know! Anyway, I went out and bought the Holiday Gifts Issue of Interweave Knits so that I could knit a Koolhaas for myself. But, the yarn that I had my heart set on using wasn’t the best for the pattern. I made it through almost two repeats before I could get a good look at it to see that the cabling is too delicate for the yarn I was using. The yarn’s variegation is also not as obscure as I thought for the small cables so the colors hid it somewhat. Such a long story to tell you that I ripped that out and now have this:


One Dashing almost done now, in Cherry Tree Hill Potluck dyed Lamb’s Pride worsted. There are more streaks of red and hot pink mixed in with the subtle mauves and grays but they really didn’t want to show up. I just love the deep crevices from the cables, the halo from the yarn is so pretty.


Finally, a few finished knits, you’re floored right! Both are hats modelled by DB because they were both two small for me (I think I’ve mentioned my large head before, eek) so now he has more to add to his handknit collection. He is very good about wearing hats though, so it makes the knits feel useful! First, the Jon T. Little beret* …
This is the Le Slouch from Knit and Tonic. The color is a really rich eggplant that has flecks that catch the light more than seen here, it’s called Northern Lights (Lamb’s Pride Superwash). The decreasing at the crown is a bit exaggerated at the start because I lost track and decreased two rows without the plain knit row in between. At the time I thought it was for me, so I decided to just let it be. *As I knit this beret, I kept referring to it as ‘the jaunty little beret’. I thought I remembered Wendy referring to it similarly and I liked saying ‘jaunty’ (yes I geek like that at home, I’m easily amused) but apparently to DB it sounded like I was saying ‘the Jon T. Little beret’ and he finally asked me about it. So, that’s that. And one other finished hat …


This is Cascade 220 (I think it’s color #613 but I don’t have the tag so I’m not sure) and just a basic hat pattern. I didn’t even do a swatch, I just used a number that I know usually fits around my melon head and used the decreasing method that Stephanie mentions in Knitting Rules (of a number that can be divided by 7 or 8 and so on). This one would have been easy to just rip back and add more length to fit me, but I really liked how the color looks on DB.
So, there you have it. That’s the knit happenings with me for now. From the dark side, I have a crocheted scarf that I did in one night – very chunky crochet. And half of the round purse from One Skein is crocheted. What’s happening to me?! Like I said, I’ve been after instant gratification lately so I’ve been paying more attention to the crochet side.
I suspect I’ll be back with more finished items soon. I’d really like to clear the Hourglass Sweater from my needles before 2008 (in February, it would be 2 YEARS on the needles!). There’s only one sleeve to go and the yoke so it’s more than doable!
Happy Knitting!

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1 Response to i just don’t feel like it

  1. katie m. says:

    Ooh, such nice hats! And I love the yarn you chose for your Dashing mitts.

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