casting on more and more


I haven’t any finished items to show right now but that hasn’t stopped me from putting more yarn on the needles! This is Christmas knitting that I started Saturday. I’m a little worried about the size but I’m using DB as a guide so we’ll see. The worry comes from my tight knitting and using US# 1’s because this yarn looked to loose on US# 2’s.
Then, yesterday I cast on something for me.


It is a Le Slouch (this link is a PDF) being knit from Lamb’s Pride Superwash. I know the picture I chose is ‘off’ but it amused me. I was cropping it and must have hit a key that stretched the pic.

I’m going to get back into the sock knitting because I realized that Socktober is almost over! I cannot believe how fast this month has gone by. Anyway, rather than any pairs, I just seem to have lone socks waiting for their partners. Sad socks.

Computer question if someone can help … I’ve recently starting using Firefox more than Safari. I was very excited during my last post when I noticed that Firefox actually shows the photo being uploaded in the post rather than just HTML. But, then when I entered HTML to center the photos, the post actually showed the code and left the photos off to the side. Is there a way to center while still using Firefox? Thanks for any help.

Today DB and I went to a local art gallery and then walked through the greenhouse. When we do that, I always think that I’m going to start doing that more often but time goes on and I forget how refreshing it is to my soul. And I make excuses not to get there. Maybe this time I can remember? One can hope. I will be putting up some of the pictures I took on Flickr in the next day or two.

Happy Knitting!

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One Response to casting on more and more

  1. Carolyn says:

    I saw our comment on my my blog, so I had to check your’s out too. I know what you mean by #52 on you 100 things…that’s me too. Lovely blog btw.

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