…from my sock pal

Last weekend I received my Sockapalooza package from my sock pal, Holly.


Koigu, yummy! I also got these goodies from my pal:


The little pillow is filled with dried lavendar! I love the smell of lavendar, it’s up there with patchouli. In one of the pictures, you can see my socks in Yosemite. Isn’t that great? They’ve been somewhere I haven’t but can pass on the joujou. I think it’s really cool seeing that. And the mini sock blocker is adorable. I think that I’m going to use some of the leftover Koigu from my socks to knit the mini sock for the blocker.


And last, some coffee, a cute coffee cup ornament and some Mary Engelbreit notepads! Thanks for all the gifty goodness Holly.

My pal’s socks are complete but to be sent tomorrow. I was hoping for today but am having a mishap with Paypal and my bank but tomorrow I won’t have to fuss with them. Once they’re in the mail I’ll post pictures of them. The second one is being slow to dry right now too, our weather is a little humid right now but I don’t want to put the Cherry Tree Hill into the drier (plus the sock is on a blocker).

On Ravelry … until about two weeks, when I noticed the new feature to check your status on the waiting list, I thought I’d been on the waiting list for over a month. When I checked, I wasn’t (a whole month wasted of supposed waiting)! That’s what I get for counting on the crackberry, some websites that use a lot of graphics make it difficult to tell if they are working or not when attempting regular web tasks. Anyway, I assumed my email address had been accepted and it hadn’t. Yuck.

See you later.

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