Are you compulsively neat? I’m not. I have less and less patience for people who are (when they are in close proximity to me). I’m 31 years old and I think that if I don’t consider it priority number one, I never will. Honestly, as I get older and realize who I am, it comes to me that maybe I’m really comfortable and set in my ways. Maybe that is the most important thing to me. Actually, it IS what’s important to me. So, other than those thoughts …

Preparing for the ‘next’ move isn’t making much progress because my heart is just not in it, as planned anyway.

And knitting, I’m still working on various socks (making some final decisions about my Sockapalooooza pal’s socks). And I finished a hat that is too small for anyone so I’ll be starting it over again. It’s good for my mind though, because I’ve been needing simple, fast hat knitting. I will take pictures and get somewhere so that I can upload them. It’s been much longer than I thought it would be to get the little Mac to some wifi.

Well, I think this is it for now. It was quite the thing, behind the scenes here, trying to blog this. -I hope you are having a beautiful summer day wherever you are!

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