little sockies

I completed the two pairs of handwarmers from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, but no picture yet. I need to wash them first. Unfortunately, I’ve misplaced the women’s twisted rib pair at the moment. No worries, they’ll surface.

Other than that, it’s been all sock knitting, all the time (well, sort of).


These anklets are Opal Rainforest in Flamingo, my ‘old’ standard 64 stitches on US#2 dpns. I started them in September on my month away from blogging. These are special to me.


I adore the feel of these Knitpicks Sock Garden socks in Daffodil. I especially *heart* the pooling around the ankles. This was also the first time I tried a roll down cuff, à la Cari. I like the cuff more than I anticipated, though I’ll be more likely to use ribbing still. I made these a bit longer than normal, because I’ve found that I get carried away (particularly on socks for myself) when I think the end is approaching and almost always wish I’d gone a bit longer. I’ve read a few bloggers experiences of this yarn pilling or giving way rather quickly but I’d been saving this since my birthday last year so they will at least be house socks. These knit up quickly, one sock at a time but the pair itself I took a break on. Make sense? You’ll see when I put the dates up in the gallery.

I want to knit a summer top for the Black Sheep Gathering, which is quickly approaching. I doubt that will happen but I have 3 yarn possibilities out and 3 patterns to look at this weekend.

I put up some other pictures in my Flickr account, so maybe have a look-see . . .

Celebrity sighting, a little late, but I SWEAR I saw Greg Allman last Thursday while DB and I were having coffee downtown. It wouldn’t be that far from possible either, because he was due for two concerts that weekend at a casino nearby. I tried to go look for him although I wasn’t sure I was brave enough to ask for an autograph but I was too slow. Anyway, he walked by twice and we are sure it was him. THAT was my exciting news for a few days, I *heart* Greg Allman.

In sad news, since I last blogged much, we gave Spudzy back to my friend we adopted him from. We both miss him a lot. But, we’re living in small quarters now and it’s going to be for awhile and it wasn’t working out for him or us. He’d never really had to use a litterbox since they went outside at the house, but they can’t go outside where we live now. And he just wouldn’t take to my attempts to train him. He was also really used to being an outdoor kitty. We miss him.


And other kitty news, we are also trying to find a home for Chuy. For awhile now, we’ve really felt that she’d be happier with an older couple, somewhere that she can be a lap kitty and there are no other pets. Still, it will be different to only have one kitty, Candie. Later, we’ve considered that maybe we could adopt a little dog. But, dogs are much more adaptable to moving around like we’re going to do. Also, it’s much easier to take them outside on a leash and such.

I guess that is all I’ve got for now.

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One Response to little sockies

  1. Secret SockPally says:

    Oh my, your cats are so adorable. That must have hurt to have given Spudzy back!
    Gorgeous socks! I see you tried out the rolled ankle hems! I promise your sockpalooza socks will have a ribbed hem, though!

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