delicious yarn


This yarn is unbelievable. It’s some of the Socks That Rock I got last year at the Black Sheep Gathering, Rooster Rock I think (the label isn’t with me). On top of the colors being so rich, the yarn is so soft and knits up unbelievable. I know, I’m probably the last sock knitter ever to discover this. And I know there is a lot of talk about whether STR and Koigu are that much better, but as far as knitting them anyway I prefer the Socks That Rock though I’m really drawn to both of their colors. I suspect the anklets being knit from this will stand up to time because my Mom babies the socks I knit for her. The first anklet is done and I’ll show it later, very pretty.

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2 Responses to delicious yarn

  1. Secret SockPally says:

    oooh! gorgeous colors! so jealous of your mom!

  2. korin says:

    mmmmmmm pretty!

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