such a sweetie …


.. and yep, she’s laying on part of the stuff that needs to be put away. Looks comfy though.

So, for knitting, that Cherry Tree Hill supersock yarn is still nothing. It’s been ripped and knit a few times and is kinked and I only have a few days. I really think that the intended recipient is going to get something else for now because I want to do something with that yarn that is beautiful, not rushed and half-assed. You know?

Anyway, here is a finished item from a few weeks ago:


This is a set of the women’s twisted rib handwarmers from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. The yarn is Cascade 220 (I think color 631) and I added a few rows at the end to give the fingers a bit more coverage. I find that I do that on most handwarmers, am I the only one? These are for my dear friend L and we’re doing a trade. I’m also working on a pair of the men’s ribbed handwarmers for her and they are almost done. I had DB try the first one on and realized (when he commented on them being a bit short) that I forgot to add some length onto them. So, that means I’ll probably be ripping out the cast off edge so I can add on a bit. These have been slowgoing for me since I started them before I moved. Regardless, I do think they are still something to be used since our mornings are still a bit chilly.

Well, I guess this is it for now. I’m going to grab some lunch and do some grocery shopping.

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  1. Secret SockPally says:

    My, what big eyes your beautiful cat has!
    I so love the fingerless gloves you made. They turned out great!

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