they all look alike

I have several different socks on the needles right now and although some of them are specific patterns (rather than plain stockinette), I realize they basically look alike in photos. At least in the beginning. Anyway, here are two of them for now.


I chose this close up of the sock because the color is much truer than the other pictures I took. This is Lorna’s Laces in Mineshaft, the pattern is Grumperina’s Roza’s Socks from IK. I just started this last night, also to be given to someone soon.


This anklet is the second of its pair and just simple stockinette. I love these colors. The yarn is Brown Sheep Wildfoote in Ragtime. You may recall I attempted doing a short row heel anklet using this yarn last fall but ripped it all out. Now these are my regular heel flap and for a friend. Maybe in time for Mother’s Day? That thought didn’t actually occur to me until today – I saw a cute little girl at the grocery store that reminded me of my friend’s daughter.

I actually uploaded these photos and started this post last Friday but you know, I’m lazy about blogging. So, as for the Life’s A Beach sock … I did begin a Jaywalker and it looks beautiful. But, like so many other Jaywalkers, it won’t pass over an ankle. And while, the recipient is smaller than me, I have a feeling it would be the same for her. I’m considering just starting with new yarn for now even though that particular color was meant for this person. I just want to knit right now! Knit.

Other than that, I’m tidying up – that makes it sound so calm, it’s actually been more of a mad cleaning rush. I want things to be neater when my Mom comes. She’s not so much a pet person and my kitties make it known this is there home.

More sock saga later, can any pair be completed this week?

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One Response to they all look alike

  1. Secret SockPally says:

    Hey Jaime, Just wanted to make sure that you got my email about being your Sockpalooza Pal and that I am thinking about you…

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