really, some knitting

This is the only knitted item I’m finished in a bit, but I’m happy about it, as it was on the needles for almost a year!


I knit this as a gift for my favorite aunt. I used Cherry Tree Hill, Country Garden colourway, in a worsted weight on US#13 needles. The pattern was the mesh stole/shawl from spring/summer 05′ VK (I think spr/sum). The colors are hard to capture the beauty of but they are really gorgeous. There are magentas, turquoises, aquas, greens, blues – really lovely.


Until last night, I’d not picked up any knitting for at least two weeks. During my move, I just wanted to go to sleep at the end of the day and only had time for moving related things otherwise. I’m still winding down, it’s only been three complete days that I’ve not had to go to the old house or to a storage unit (we have 3, yeah, that’s right 3 – we really miscalculated on 1) and it took a lot out of me. Some personal things that came up, meant that I had to do it all myself. We wanted to move into smaller space and had begun scaling down our belongings months ago, but we still need all the storage space for now. We went from a 2200 square feet living space to about 3-400 is my guess – I’m sure about the old but not the new. Anyway, there was a blog related point .. last night was the first time in all of this that I was inspired to pick up any knitting (though I’ve got quite a bit that needs knitted on).


So, these socks are what I picked up. This is my first sock on two circulars needles – I’ve attempted it before and gave up. I was pleasantly surprised to find that, although I doubted there would be a difference, Socks Soar on Two Circulars really made it simple to grasp! Now, I just need to find a comfortable tension knitting this way. The yarn is so soft, it’s Lana Grossa Meilenweit sock yarn and my first time using it also! The colors in the photo are more vibrant than when I look at it indoors, but I think in sunlight the variations would be as evident as in the photo. They are really beautiful. I bought this yarn at The Web●sters in Ashland and the few skeins of yarn I purchased that day all had oranges, reds, and pinks in them! It must have been my mood, because I don’t think I’m always as drawn to those colors.

Last, as with a few things in this post, another first was my possibly figuring out the easy correct way to upload photos into my posts. So, if anything is particularly askew, you’ll know that’s why!

Happy knitting!

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