no more mittens

Dsc01619_2_7 Dsc01628_2_2

These mittens and socks were mailed off to a friend last week. Just in time, too, since they’ve been having a bit of snow in Southern Oregon.

The mittens were based on The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns, using Cascade 220 in #9412 (I think – I’ll check on that). The socks, which I think I posted before, but they are a basic sock pattern (that’s in my head) using Koigu yarn. The Koigu is so cushion-y … mmm, yarny goodness.

022807dsc01746_1 Tonight, I knit up this handwarmer (I knit a lot of these, don’t I?!) to de-stress and as a gift (for my favorite barista). I may start the other one later if I can’t sleep, but probably tomorrow. The yarn is heaven, it is KFI Cashmerino (I horded all of the black when my LYS was closing it out) and the pattern is from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I’m also almost halfway through two other pairs, also using this pattern, as part of a trade for one of my jewelrymaking friends.

Things are still very stressful here, actually even a little more. On a positive note, today when I checked our mail, there was a money order for the remaining balance we were owed from the previous rental fallout.

Little things like the cashmerino yarn above and my Candie kitty (especially) and …
Dsc01764_2_1 help a little. I’ll keep knitting on packing breaks (which I need to jump on quickly – the packing, not breaks, ha) to save some sanity.

I think I also have more knitting pictures to get uploaded soon. See you then.

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One Response to no more mittens

  1. Secret SockPally says:

    The more I see of those handwarmers that you have made, the more I am convinced I want to make some. For some reason they didn’t stick out to me in the book, but your’s certainly do!

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