still knitting winter

Winter knitting, nearing completion – I think they are still of use for whom they are intended. Dsc01556_2_1
I’m knitting these from Cascade 220 yarn using the basic pattern from The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns. I started these in December and worked quickly on the first one but lost my knitting mojo, all mojo. I will have these done, including washed and mailed off, by Friday of this week.

I’m also excited about my first pair of socks on 2 circulars, though I haven’t knitted on them in awhile. I may have to rip them out (at least a little bit) because I’m getting a ladder that I think will haunt me if I leave it in the sock.

On my Picture a Day project, à la Maryse, I’ve missed another day already. I’m disappointed, but I realized that I actually never took any photos that day. -Hopefully, months from now when I look back that will only be a distant memory of how hard things are right now. All the stress and chaos going on right now with moving make it hard for me to even do something simple like upload a photo for that, but at the same time glad that I need and want to.

Tonight we went and looked at a new rental prospect. Fingers crossed, we have a good feeling about this one and the people seem great, very genuine. As for the other one, we got back more than half of the money we gave her. Maybe we’ll get the remaining (more than a hundred), I don’t know. I believe in karma though.

I might post again later. I need to figure out a few things about the iPhoto on my Macbook. Is there a way to size besides moving the tab at the bottom of the iPhoto screen or cropping?


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One Response to still knitting winter

  1. Kelly says:

    Almost there on the mittens, they looks very warm–I just love that book for basic patterns! I wouldn’t worry about missing a picture, the odd day or so out of a year it doesn’t get done isn’t the point (in my opinion), the point is that we are looking at the world more aware and finding interesting things to focus in on. 🙂

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