feels like a monday

So I’ve been promising knitting pics and just still haven’t uploaded them. The knitting priorities are still mittens, shawl and 2 pairs of socks. I, of course, don’t feel like knitting.
I just feel like having a couple of dirty martinis and then crawling into bed for a month. A lot of tears would probably be involved too. We’re moving and nothing is really working out. We put down money for a roomshare (just so we would be in the new city to look for something) and found that the person flaked out so we have to go get the money back tomorrow (hopefully). I really feel used, in addition to being pissed beyond belief, because they admitted they needed money while looking for roommates. And basically she took our REAL NEED for housing as a temporary loan opportunity for herself, nevermind that we have to scramble for anything in the next 2 weeks. We also turned away a few offers because we ‘had’ something already. I’m just frustrated and angry and sad about it. And this has also made me sure that I must have flaky people out of my life – I’ve been having issues with a friend who has become too much like this other person and I’m just done with it.
So, I’m sorry this has been venting but I needed to get it out of my head and I usually get good input from you guys.
**oh and I’ve been so sick all week on top of this.
. . . just need TONS of sleep. . .

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