a mess

please excuse the big mess (to me its big, anyway) on the blog. i added some links to some joinalongs that i’m taking part in but didn’t get the buttons up right this time. i’m in the process of fixing it and updating some things. plus i missed posting a picture for my picture a day yesterday! i’m really disappointed about that, i was doing good but for the entire 24 hours of saturday i never snapped any photo. though it isn’t the same i’m going to show 2 photos tomorrow. disgusted, ugh.

knitting . . . . .


These are green Koigu socks for a friend/business knitting. I’m working on a swatch for mittens for my friend also. I did one swatch using Cascade 220 and decided (after starting the actual mittens) that I’d rather have a firmer material so now I’m using US #5’s on the gauge swatch. I need to get a picture of the We Call Them Pirates hat that I’m working on, but I haven’t worked on it in about a week. And also, as I uploaded these Koigu socks, I realized that I also have another pair that have been waiting to be sent off and photographed – they are beautiful! So, I’ll get those pictures tomorrow during some daylight. Also, in knitting, I signed up for a class at my local yarn store in Multi-directional Scarves with J.C. Briar, for a few weeks from now. I’ve been meaning to do this on my own but since I’ve never taken a knitting class before and the cost wasn’t bad I thought that it sounded fun.

Last, my sleep/wake schedule is complete confusion right now. For a short time, I got into the habit of being up really late and sleeping very late but I tried to adjust it this week. Anyway, despite the few days where I’ve been able to keep normal hours, I keep getting turned around again. I only got 3 hours of sleep yesterday and went to sleep at a normal hour last night but now I’ve been up since 2am. Yuck. Two of my kitties are going nuts, seemingly about the weather. When I’ve been asleep, Candie has woken me up every morning this week between 430-530am. She wakes me up wanting outside, I open the door, she looks out and sometimes walks halfway out the door, meows, turns right around to look at me and once the door is closed starts whining. It’s too cold to go out but my fault she has to stay inside (kitty interpretation of course, courtesy of the incessant whining). Well, if you’re still here after this rambling . . I’ll be back later today with more pictures.

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