Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope that it was a good day/weekend for everyone. We didn’t do too much, but it was fun. I’d planned to cook today but the turkey breast is still a little frozen so I’m going to cook tomorrow. We decided that would still be special.

Of fiber-y and Christmas-y goodness, look what Miss Santa Claus brought my DB R for Christmas:Dsc00151

The drop spindle was one of his Christmas gifts, it is The Schacht Hi-Lo Spindle. (The fiber is some of his stash that he’s been buying for a little over a year. He made a drop spindle that he was having some problems with so I thought this might offer good motivation for him). Anyway, last weekend we drove down into southern Oregon and visited The Websters, which is where I bought the drop spindle and some yarn-y goodness, too! I’ll show that later though. But, here is my picture of The Websters (I know, much like the one on their website)
plus one more picture taken in Ashland (I took tons of pictures there, I loved it there. It was beautiful.)

Well I’m off for some candy, it’ll help with the blow that Christmas is over. Even though I don’t decorate or have a big celebration, it seriously bums me out that decorations are gone and Christmas music is gone for another year. On the bright side, traffic gets a little better.

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