1.  No pictures at the moment, but current knitting is . . . green Koigu socks, more Cascade 220/tweed handwarmers and I need to start the second (of a pair) Wildfoote anklet in Ragtime and a hat from a tweedy green Cascade 220.  Plus I was looking at a sweater from last year that should be finished – the Reversible sweater from Weekend Knitting in Encore Chunky.

2.  I actually completed something from the works in progress list!!!!  So simple it’s sad, but I finished knitting the Trekking XXL Retro Rib socks.  Pictures very soon.  I also knit up a great hat in Cascade 220 but I gifted it, to a friend, before getting a picture!

3.  I got a new tattoo a couple of days ago.  I love it, it’s beautiful but simple.

. . more this weekend . .

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2 Responses to

  1. Rachel says:

    New tattoo, eh? Will we get details?
    Congrats on your fourth anniversary and also on your knitting progress! This time of year can be so busy that it can feel impossible to get anything done.

  2. korin says:

    didyou seriously post that there is new ink without a photo???what is WRONG with you woman???? lemme see!!!

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