beaded craftiness

This is a birthday gift that I made my dear friend, M last month.Msbdayjewelry

I love these colors together, they remind me of the Caribbean.  It was very hard to capture the aqua beads but this was extremely close – particularly on the left side.  The brown beads are more like tortoise than wood.  Here is a close-up of the heart clasp – sorry about the blurriness, I haven’t quite mastered the macro on this new camera.Msbdayjewelryheartclasp

And here are a few simpler bracelets that I made for myself.  With the brightly colored ones, I was wanting a kind of hippy feel.  I think they are maybe too sparkly, but the only others ones I found were too dull.  What to do?Handmadejewelrybracelets

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