This is some of the socks in progress, I realized there are at least two missing: a pair of heavy purple Cleckheaton socks and some Fortissima anklets.  From left to right these are:  the Wildfoote Ragtime anklets from last week – I’ve started the short row heel over again using the wrap and turn method and it’s going much more smoothly, Knitpicks Memories in Red Hat socks for DB mother & the second Trekking XXL Retro Rib (still from last year) – I will finish this and probably not do this pattern again, I think.

I need to finish these because I’m really wanting to work on some patterned socks.  Also, I’m dying to use some of the Socks That Rock that I bought in June at the Black Sheep Gathering.

And just because . . . Socksipshining091206

a very, very bad version of the above picture.  This creeped me out, so I had to share.  It reminds me of the lobby and elevator scene in "The Shining."  Shudder.

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