so much time, so few things to do . . .

. . . oops, reverse that.

1.  i am going to be away from the blog for a little bit, while i take care of some personal things.  but, i have some posts that i’ve done ahead of time so that there will be something here.  actually, there may be a few more than if i was here (sad, huh).  while i’m away, i’m turning comments off, but feel free to email me at anotiontoknit at hotmail dot com.  just know that though i will reply, it won’t be immediately.

some regular stuff . .

2.  tonight, these Whiteoldnavyteesbeforet-shirts from Old Navy became

these . . Whiteoldnavyteeafter 


they almost look like a rose color on my monitor, but they are actually like a cocoa.  this was the first time i’ve attempted to dye something (i used ritz dye) and while they turned out a few shades lighter than intended, i’m still pleased.  sorry about cutting the after pictures a little short, but i didn’t want to stand on the bed again.  i’m so short, it’s just sad.

3.  last thursday, i went to thisYarnharloteugene2date090706

i saw Stephanie in Eugene and got my copy of Knitting Rules autographed.  she was charming and funny (and adorable), just like i remembered.Yarnharloteugene090706

unfortunately, this time, i missed some of her talk, because i was caught in traffic running one last errand before getting on the road.  that’s why i’m so far back – this was the best picture i took as she talked.

4.  last monday, Labor Day, we went to the state fair.  i won a cute critter, stuffed of course, but he’ll appear later.  also, i had this put into my hair …Orstatehair

it’s wrapped and kind of macramed into a little section of my hair.  it’s growing on me as time goes on – no pun intended.  if you look closely, you can see the kitty (charm) climbing up my hair/braid.

knitting update later.  i hope that you don’t run off, posts are scheduled.

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