Random Thoughts

I have not forgotten about posting a picture of the Vanilla Berkshire.  I’d rather have someone take the picture of me than be forced to use the tripod.  But, everyday this week by the time DB gets home from work, it is raining (which, of course, interferes with sunshine plus my desire to not stand out in the rain).

Yesterday, I had my last final.  I’m particularly worried about it, Spanish.  I won’t know anything until next Wednesday though.

Vegan Lunch Box is one of my favorite new blogs to read.  Although, I’m not vegan/vegetarian or a mother (yet), I think it’s very loving how much thought seems to go into these daily lunches.  And some of the foods sound like things I’d like to try sometime.

I recently discovered Lofthouse cookies and they are unbelievably good.  Oh, and Girl Scout cookies – I bought several boxes a few weeks ago (and immediately thought, "I’m not going to eat all these!") and am going to freeze them so they’ll keep awhile.

Back to knitting, I have a completed anklet as of Monday night.  And I just turned the heel on its partner yesterday.  After this post, I’m going to work on it more so maybe I can finish it tonight or tomorrow.  These had been on the needles since September.  I’m using Brown Sheep’s Wildfoote and they are for my Grandmother.  I’ll put up a picture soon.

Enough rambling I think.  I’m going to go knit and a little later, workout.

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