Random Pictures

These are some pictures that I’ve either been meaning to post or took while I was away.

Here are my Valentine’s Day treats.  I loved them!  Actually, I still have some of the See’s chocolates.  This was the first year I’ve ever received flowers & chocolates from DB, usually he buys me something that I love and is unique from the day itself.  But starting last month, I began hinting (very subtly, I’m sure!) that I’d like flowers and candy.  (BTW, my tulips were really beautiful but you can barely see them here!)Picture_1163_3

This was on the plane from Dallas to Portland. I will probably be posting a few more air pictures because I think some of them are just amazing.Picture_1276_1  

Later I will post some knitting related purchases that I’ve been meaning to share.

Last, something that happened while I was away . . .  everyday that I was in San Antonio, my grandmother and I would leave the hospital to go eat lunch and then go back.  Monday, we went to Luby’s (LOVE Luby’s and I tend to try and go to places that I don’t have here in Oregon when I’m visiting) for lunch.  When I was looking for a place to park, I decided to go back around and drop her off at the door so she wouldn’t have to walk.  Well, when I was going to park again, I saw a woman that looked really familiar walking towards the restaurant entrance also.  I realized it looked like my ex-mother-in-law (BTW, this was a happy thing) and she was really looking at me too.  Well, when my grandmother and I walked in, I saw her again and it was my ex-mother-in-law!  Anyway, I still think it’s so odd because San Antonio is huge to consider just running into someone but on top of that, my ex and his family don’t even live right in SA.  After running into her, we set up a time to get together for coffee and I was able to catch up with her and my ex.  This probably sounds odd to some, but after our divorce we stayed friends and his mother and I always got along well too.

Okay, well I’m off for now.

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One Response to Random Pictures

  1. Rachel says:

    Glad it was a happy chance encounter! I’m also glad to hear that things are going better with your grandfather. I hope that trend continues.

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