The End of Secret Pal 6

Lastsppackage_4I received my last Secret Pal 6 package in the mail yesterday from Elizabeth.  I love it, thank you!  If you haven’t touched Blue Sky Alpaca, you have to go touch it, now!  It is SO unbelievably soft and the red is beautiful.  There is 330 yards of it that I’m greedily hoarding saving for the right project.  I do that.  I have several special yarns in my stash that I love love love but fear that once I use them it will turn out to have been the wrong pattern.  I think Heather talked about this once, we knitters are funny sometimes.

I finished the first anklet last night and cast on for the partner immediately after (I’m hoping this will help ward off second sock syndrome).  And I started a Panta on Tuesday but have been working on it very little.  Although as I was typing that I realized it would be really great to be able to wear it tonight.  So, I may end up working on Panta after I finish blogging.  Ooh, and I spaced that I was going to update my ‘things about me’ list the other night so I’m going to do that, too.

Happy Friday!

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