Sockotta Countdown


Here is one Sockotta sock completed and one that is a little more than halfway through the heel flap.  Most of the progress on this second sock has been over the day so I think I can finish it by tomorrow night (or Wednesday morning at the latest).  Anyway, I’ll be keeping you updated so I make sure I keep knitting quickly on it, plus there are other deadline items to be knitting.

No pictures of the shrug as planned because I didn’t get to weaving the ends in and was not feeling all that photo ready today.  Tomorrow when there is some light (hopefully anyway, as the rain and dreariness is here now) I’ll ask DB to take a picture.  By the way, earlier this evening he pointed out to me that the ends needed to be woven in . . . cute.

Does anyone know how to make Quizilla quizzes appear on Typepad?  Every time I try, what looks like the HTML code to me appears as the entry.  And . . . does anyone know what alphabet on a computer is the one that would show little symbols with letters?  Like for manana (Spanish for ‘today’), what alphabet would I need to use to make the ~ (sorry I don’t know the name of this symbol) appear over the ‘n’?  Thanks for any help.

See you tomorrow.

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One Response to Sockotta Countdown

  1. Rachel says:

    Great looking socks! Good luck with all your deadline knitting.

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