Banana Tank


This is a tank top that I finished (pretty much, anyway) last week.  This is made out of Banana Creme Cotton Ease.   I used the basic parts of Tank Girl from the Yarn Girls Guide.  What I changed is that I added waist shaping and I also double crocheted the shoulder straps.  The pattern calls for simply doing a daisy chain for the shoulder straps but that didn’t feel secure to me at all so that’s when I went back and crocheted.  I’m still trying to decide if I’m going to crochet on the bottom edge like on the top edge.  And the ends are woven in, but I can’t say I’m in a big hurry since it’s just a little chilly around here.

Tomorrow I’ll show where I’m at on the Berkshire pullover.  For tonight, this is all.  I’m busily working on a few things that I hope to show soon.

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One Response to Banana Tank

  1. Secret Pal says:

    Pretty! I love cotton tank tops.

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