Repeats . .

. . now I can say I’m in my 2nd repeat on the Waving Lace socks (on the cuff).  Sadly, I must admit I had not picked these up since the day after starting them.  On the bright side, they are now moving along quickly.  I picked them up again about an hour ago and worked into the 2nd repeat without any annoying stitches deciding to multiply themselves incidents.  I only stopped for a blogging break – okay, and chocolate ice cream.  Mmm, chewy, hard chocolate ice cream.

I have no pictures and am really frustrated about this.  I attempted to photograph a footie that I completed last night, my ‘booga’ bag (if you can really call it that) and my One Skein Wonder from a few months ago.  Either the colors weren’t right or I was not satisfied with the background on all my photo attempts today.  I think this weekend I might take these handknits elsewhere to take pics.  Unfortunately, there really isn’t much else to write about on the knitting front.  I’m still working on the Waving Lace socks and the Unbiased bag mainly.

Wednesday I had a dentist appointment. That resulted in an emergency appointment with an oral surgeon, later that day, to have a wisdom tooth removed.  I am glad to have the pain gone but I missed something I wanted to do and yesterday I didn’t really feel like doing much either. (The extreme nausea from the painkiller is what was actually stopping me from things until I split it in half).  Anyway, today my mouth is still a little sore (I didn’t need to take anything for pain though – yay) but I felt like knitting more and got some housework done.

This weekend I think that I am going to a PowWow nearby.  I’ve never been and am looking forward to it.  Some of my aunts and cousins are going to be there also, so that should be fun.

Here is a kitty picture for a happy thought.Picture_069_3  

Happy Weekend!

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