How can it already be Wednesday? I often shock myself when I realize how many days go by without my blogging anything. Sorry.

A big YAY for me because I finally finished the 1st Trekking retro rib of my pair. I finished it on Friday and cast on its partner Saturday. The one sock on its own was a neverending WIP looming overhead, with it taking me just days short of 6 months to complete. 6 months! For one sock! This is not my norm, especially when the socks are for me (sigh, it’s true, I am greedy over handknit socks – the shame).

Anyway, I’ve also been working on the Lace Corset and several different socks. The corset is moving along slowly because I had to rip out twice already but now I’m taking extreme (extreme = slow going) care as I knit along.

I have no pictures and didn’t link anything because I’m entering this from my iPAQ tonight. I’ll post pictures tomorrow.

As for last weekend, I ended up going to the county fair instead of out of town. I had never been to a county fair and as far as this one went, I wasn’t missing anything. I saw everything, literally, in about 10 minutes. I was expecting at least half as much goodness as the state fair (yay! it’s only a month away). My excitement over the state fair is still relatively new, I’d never been to one of those until the last few years.

Sorry for all the exciting blogging *wink* but I’m a little tired tonight.


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