One Step Forward, Two Steps Back


White Fortissima Cotton socks are now completed.  I’m so happy these are done.  The plain white stockinette was sucking the life out of me.  They fit DB great and he likes them.  It’s all good in the end and I feel better because I’ve knit myself more socks than him but now here’s another pair for him!  (By the way, they are VERY comfortable so it was a good first experience with the yarn itself).  On the down side, I didn’t finish the other short Broadripple this weekend as planned.  I got distracted at some point in the Broadripple and had to rip back about 10 rows to fix it but I’m determined to finish it by tomorrow.

I have been busy with stash enhancement.  Of course, this is taking away from knitting time because after the actual shopping, I’m busy looking at patterns that I want to make.  *sigh*  I need to get back to knitting instead of daydreaming, but I’ll show you one picture that I took of some of the yarn.  Cottoneasepinklicorice This is 11 skeins of Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Licorice and 4 skeins in Strawberry Creme.  Actually all (except one) the yarn buying I’ve been doing has been Cotton Ease.  I bought all of the Licorice color the first day that I shopped.  But I’ve since been back twice.  I ended up going back to get the other 2 skeins of Strawberry Creme and I bought all 7 skeins of Ice Blue that were on the shelves.  I also got 2 of the Cherry Red but they weren’t for my stash, they were for DB’s crocheting.  And yesterday I bought one skein of … Linie in Picnic in a pretty brown color.    So, I should really stop buying yarn for awhile (can I do that?).  Aside from all this, I have been led astray from my other WIPs (even as a deadline for a baby blanket looms overhead) by Knit and Tonic and Marnie’s mention of the Silk Ribbed Lace Corset by Annie Modesitt.  Today I bought the pattern, swatched and cast on for the corset using Berroco Softwist in a very deep purple shade.  I hope I like the finished product on myself because this poor yarn has been knitted into two complete tops and then ripped out because I didn’t like how they looked on me.  Ughh…  But I’m hopeful on this corset, it is SO beautiful.  I also joined the knitalong for it, which is new for me except for the two Sockapaloozas.

And before I go, when I was at the Eugene market a few weeks ago I got a henna tattoo and wanted to post a picture.  I didn’t take this picture until about five or six days after getting it and it was barely beginning to fade.


I’ll try to post something tomorrow but it might not be until Sunday.  I’m planning on going to the Country Fair outside of Eugene but I’m not sure when or if the plans might fall through.  My car is having problems again over the last few days . . . grrrr.  Every time we fix one thing, something else goes wrong.  Anyway, I’m just biding my time with this car until December – which really isn’t that far away (*thinking good thoughts, thinking good thoughts*). 

Off to knit (albeit guiltily) on the corset for now.

***One last thing, I added a link for 100 things about me to the left sidebar.  For now, it still just shows the 24 things from last week but as I update it, I’ll mention it in posts.  Thanks so much for the help on this Nancy

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2 Responses to One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

  1. kirsten says:

    those are *gorgeous* socks…

  2. Laurie says:

    Wow! Those socks look great! Did you use a pattern or do the socks freeform? I will have to try that yarn sometime!

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